TJ Juskiewicz

T.J. Juskiewicz is the director of the Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa. RAGBRAI is the oldest, longest and largest recreational bicycle tour in the world.  He is currently the National President of the Bicycle Tour Network, an advisory board member of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition, a board member of the Iowa Sports Foundation. Favorite pie: Blueberry

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Mark Wyatt

Mark is the executive director of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition and co-host of the JustGoBike podcast.  Mark is a native Iowan from Hudson, IA. He loves road biking and has participated in 15 RAGBRAI events. Mark is also into fat tire bikes and bikes most of winter.  Favorite pie: Strawberry

Follow Mark on twitter @IowaBicycle.  Mark blogs at the Iowa Bicyclist. Want to know more places to ride?  Visit



Kyle Munson

Kyle is a lifelong journalist and fifth-generation Iowan. He’s the Iowa Columnist for The Des Moines Register who scours all 99 counties by bike, car or any means necessary. He lives along the popular High Trestle Trail in central Iowa and is about to ride his seventh consecutive RAGBRAI. Favorite pie: Key Lime.

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Andrea Parrott

Andrea is the Merchandise and Media Manager for RAGBRAI. She’s a Coralville native with 15 RAGBRAIs under her belt, and shows ice cream cones no mercy. Favorite pie: Peach.

She is also the host of the JustGoBike Parrot Talk segment – she’ll answer your questions about cycling, RAGBRAI, bike culture, food recommendations, and more! Ask Andrea a question on Twitter @JustGoBike or

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Brian Powers

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Brian Powers grew up in a suburb of the the great Iowa suburb of Chicago. He has been telling stories with a camera for over a decade and can usually be found on a bike (with a camera) or eating a tenderloin sandwich (with a camera)…or both at once (with a smile). Favorite Pie: Pecan.

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