Episode 56: Kids Remind Us How Fun it is to Bike!

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This week Murph goes back to school to talk bikes with the kids of Miss Redlinger’s Kindergarten class, She learns that kids still have fun riding their bikes! Mark and TJ chat about the RAGBRAI towns and legislative happenings and … Continued

Episode 53: Discussing the New RAGBRAI 2018 Route and Adventure Cycling

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TJ and Mark discuss the newly released RAGBRAI route and recap the Iowa Bike Expo. Mark also discusses the bike successes at the State Capitol. Murph follows up with Steve and Mike of Adventure Cycling and Andrea returns with another … Continued

Episode 52: Cycling Self-Contained, But Not Restrained

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This week’s podcast delves into the world of self-contained cycling, or as some Iowans refer to “bagging”. Murph chats with J-Dub about what it takes to bike loaded down. Mark and TJ talk about the events surrounding the Iowa Bike … Continued

Episode 51: Bike Rags is Deep Into Cycling

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The week Murph catches up with Bike Rags founder Tony Burnett at their shop in Cedar Rapids. Mark and TJ discuss Donald Kaul’s RAGBRAI legacy and pending bike legislation. ParrotTalk squawks about the multitude of fun events coming up.  

Episode 49: Here’s to the New Biking Year!

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We welcome the New Year and all the riding that the year brings us. The JustGoBike team of Mark Wyatt & Kathy Murphy (aka Murph) from the Iowa Bicycle Coalition and TJ Juskiewicz & Andrea Parrott from RAGBRAI gathered to … Continued

Episode 48: Mateo, the Dutch Commuter

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The JustGoBike Podcast Team hopes you had a Merry Christmas and wishes you a Happy New Year. The final episode of 2017 features an interview that Murph did with Mateo, a Dutch cyclist who enjoys commuting. Thanks for being loyal … Continued

Episode 45: Murph’s Quick Takes – Where Do You Ride?

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In this episode, Murph quizzes her guests on their favorite places to ride, favorite pie, and more, and Andrea Parrott talks parrots… no wait, actually she grades predictions on this year’s cycling trends. It’s been one year since the inception … Continued

Episode 44: Remembering the First Lady of RAGBRAI and Biking in Germany (Rad Fahren)

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TJ talks about the passing of Ann Karras, the wife of RAGBRAI co-founder John Karras for 66 years. Ann was instrumental in helping launch RAGBRAI in the 70’s. Murph chats with Martin, originally from Germany, about biking in the states … Continued