Episode 28: Coast to Coast on a Penny Farthing

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This week we catch up with Julian Redman, an intrepid bicyclist who didn’t just bike from coast to coast — he pedaled his way from San Francisco to the beaches of Boston on his own custom penny farthing big-wheel bicycle. Julian talks about what inspired him to embark on the grueling journey and how he survived everything from a vicious goose attack to the monotony of Nebraska. Meanwhile, our hosts T.J. and Mark share stories from their recent exploits on the epic RAGBRAI, the week-long bike ride across Iowa, and discuss a recent headline in bike safety. And Andrea Parrott returns for another segment of “ParrotTalk,” answering all your questions about how to recover from that big bike ride you may have taken this summer. (Hint: Devouring an entire pizza and not neglecting your stinky laundry may help.)

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