Episode 25: NPR’s No Pie Refused Rides Its Fifth RAGBRAI

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May the fork be with you: National Public Radio’s “No Pie Refused” regroups for another RAGBRAI after the political conventions of the 2016 presidential campaign interrupted the summer cycling plans for all but one of its journalists-bicyclists. We talk to two of the team members — political reporters Scott Horsley and Danielle Kurtzleben — to see what their training looks like for both The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa and the pie-eating contest that they’ve dubbed “The Rhubarb Rumble.” … Also, Kerri Sorrell of the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation joins Mark Wyatt for an update on the Trout Run Trail in northeast Iowa and other trail news. And Andrea Parrott is back with another “ParrotTalk,” answering a listener’s question about how to keep your bike safe and sound during large group rides.

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